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Indonesia in Tourism Scope

Rabu, 18 April 2012

Membaca Indonesia dari kacamata orang luar negeri, dan inilah Indonesia  yang tertulis di Majalah Tourism Scope, majalah terbitan Korea, yang membahas tentang tempat-tempat wisata di Asia.

Yogyakarta – Batik
Visiting Yogyakarta, you may not just buy and enjoy the marvelous batik artwork, but you have the opportunity to learn the technique of its production. The valuable opportunity packed in an interesting tour package with quite short duration and affordable cost will surely be fun. Batik patterns you can learn involve hand-made batik, printed batik and painted batik. Each place usually has its special batik pattern to teach.

For one day course, it is usually divided into two sessions, you will learn all processes of batik making that generally consist of pattern making, cloth coloring, wax dyingand drying. The process of pattern making starts when all materials, especially the cloth are ready. The making of this pattern is done with wax as the main material that is used to block color. If you want to make hand-made batikm the pattern making isi done by using the wax pen called canting while printed batik batik is made by utilizing a prepared copper stamp with certaindesing. The process is continued by coloring the cloth. The cloth with pattern on it is dipped into a bucket filled with coloring agent. This process seems simple, but actually it is difficult, moreover if batik must be colored more than two. Many batik artisans still use natural colors made from certain natural materials, but there are many who use synthetic coloring agents. After coloring thoroughly, the process is continued by dying the wax, or removing the wax attaching to the cloth. Initially, prepare the boiling water mixed with soda ash and fially the cloth is dipped to remove the entire wax. If there is still wax attached, it must be cleaned after the dying process.

Jakarta-Pulau Seribu
The resort is located north of Jakarta and its name means thousand island in Indonesia. Not thousand island as its name implicates, it has hundred of beautiful and native island. It takes around 2 hours from the dock inside the Ancol Resortm therefore taking boat during the day time is recommended to avoid seasick from wave. Among many, only 20 island have been developed with accommodations, marine sport facilities and others and only 10 are inhabited. Those islands are very small so that it takes only less than 30 minutes to walk around each island. But they are in vibrant development as they became famous world-wide. Emerald green and calmsea, white sand beach, tropical trees and beautiful coral around islands make you feel that as if you are in a big aquarium. Tourists can enjoy various marine sports including snorkeling scuba diving, boat, canoe and windsurfing. Fairs vary according to islands but relatively low. Package tour is more recommended than individual one.

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