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Fort Rotterdam - The Fort of Makassar

Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Fort Rotterdam lies in the centre of Makassar. It was built in 1555 in the period of Gowa Kingdom. It provided pretection for the Makassar Kingddom. It used be callaed Benteng Ujung Pandang. When Admiral Cornelius, a Dutch troop leader, occupied Celebes in 1667, he rebuilt it and changed its name to Rotterdam a centre of the goverment.

The architercture of the building at Fort Rotterdam resembles European styles from the medieval era. IV-XVII century. Local people know the fort as Benteng Panynyua. Panynyua means turtle. If sees from air, Fort Rotterdam lokks like a turtle crawling towards the sea.

Fort Rotterdam is now a national archaeological museum. People can see many artifacts and ancient thing in the museu. It is called Museum La Galigo

By PEMCC in Makassar

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